Susquehanna Spirit

Righting past wrongs...

New York ‘s Marihuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA) was passed with strong social equity in mind. Social equity seeks to repair decades of disproportionate enforcement and over criminalization of cannabis prohibition.

We know that for every victim of the War on Drugs on the streets, there were several more people effected in the home, including spouses and children left behind. Susquehanna Spirit chooses to focus on and seeks to assist specific groups.

Our plan is to target 3 groups for assistance in the community:

1) Teachers

  • Through targeted grants to assist local teachers with the purchase of classroom supplies, which would otherwise come out of the teacher’s own pocket. We need more career educators and this is a way to help that.

2) Single Parents

  • For every parent in jail because of the War on Drugs, there was one outside that was doing the work of two on their own. With a scholarship for college or trade school, things could change for some of the most vulnerable in society.

3) Students of Agriculture or Horticulture

  • Through scholarships and paid internships to New York college students, Susquehanna Spirit is seeking to give the local community more educated professionals who care about the land and US food security.

Susquehanna Spirit is committed to our Social Equity Plan and the Mohawk Valley community!


Teachers can apply for a grant to assist with classroom supplies

Single Parents

A single parent scholarship for those in the local community

Farm Students

A scholarship for students at a New York university who want to study Agriculture/Horticulture and associated fields